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    Item management suggestions!

    Hello! As most people, I too like to gather obscene amounts of items. One problem, as many of us noticed after the runic update, there is a finite amount of space in the inventory and nearly limitless amount of items!

    So here are some ideas I had. And that also other people had in the meantime, but I didn't post them earlier because I apparently cannot figure out how to make an account. Presenting suggestions to make the inventory size ever so slightly less limited!

    First, a mockup of the shop window with all these changes at the same time (excuse the fact I look like a potato, that's simply what the new graphics do):

    Suggestion #1: Gear set manager!

    Yes, it's two inconspicuous buttons with romal numerans! Romal numerans? Roman numerals! You put on your gear, click the currently inactive button - and poof! You switch to the second set of gear which you can fill with all kinds of different items! And then you can switch back! This would pretty much solve the problem with dragging items to the inventory every day to change from your monster smashing tuxedo into your gold-and-experience-and-epics farming swimsuit!

    Suggestion #2: Just add more boxes!

    Continuing in the theme of inconspicuous buttons, I slapped some of them under the inventory boxes. It's free real estate! As you can guess, what they do is that they switch your inventory pages. Because now you have inventory pages!
    I understand that there might be some design objections to this as the inventory is no longer that easily trackable, but hey, more space!

    The way current inventory works, this would require another 40 levels on treasury. Of course, we need space and we need it now! I'd suggest that each level of treasury gives you more inventory boxes. Something like 3 boxes per levels 1-10 and 5 boxes per levels 11-15. Or bump the building's level cap to 20 and distribute boxes accordingly.

    Suggestion #3: Wait what, potions exist as a physical item?!

    The last one! Now this is more of a quality of life improvement because potions typically don't threaten our lives by taking over the inventory, but perhaps there are people who like to stash them and then bottoms up a particular one before fighting someone of the corresponding stat!
    (also this took me a lot of time and a team of goblins with photoshop to make so I'm including it anyway)

    Basically this works like this: You click on your potion slot and if it's empty (or as one of the context menu options), this beautiful table will pop up. As you can see, it contains every potion known to elfkind. And if you have them, all you have to do to activate them is click. If you don't have them, they are blue, just like you after realizing there is nothing to drink.

    I'm not saying all these should be implemented at the same time, because that would possibly create more free space than we, and the existence itself, could handle. Unless we'd start stockpiling gems. Hmm.

    Anyway, I do think that there is some merit in these and that individually or with some degree of compromise, they would be a great help.

    Give me the ideas that hatched from your brain eggs, together we can make these suggestions even better! Faster! Stronger!

    Tl;dr: Yes!
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    Actually only your main attribute + HP are worth on spending gold.


      Nice idea and suggestion!
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        I like the most idea of stocking potions! That would be great especially for me - f2p player!