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    Rework time machine!

    20 adventurethirst daily is nice but it's not the main reason why the time machine was implemented. I don't use it because I would take a loss if I spend mushrooms on adventurethirst and don't get the equal amount of resources out of it. I simply want the possibility to find items, fruits etc when I save adventurethirst in the time machine. 80 adv is a lot and the ressources out of it are essential. Why would I spend a mushroom when I don't get equal stuff? Atm I just don't use the mushrooms if I don't have the time, this way I don't lose anything. It definitely needs to be reworked.

    Bag space shouldn't be an issue if Playa adjusts the amount of adv you use with one klick. Set it to 50 or below and it'll be alright.
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    You can upgrade your bag space and it's not even "hard" having 15-20spots, enough for a quest gear+gems+epics for aura.
    The time machine is perfect like this in my opinion its useless to put fruits and stuff in time machine quests, (would add more randomnes... or i don't know) its there IF you don't have time for your quests
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      When you're high enough in level then the items you gain from quests are the real treasure and give you up to 10 Mio gold per piece. I simply don't want to miss that. And I also miss out on the watches to skip quests when I use the time machine which also negates it to use it. If I skip 80 adv then I miss out on 2-3 watches would could make me skip 30 adv. It's far away from being perfect if you don't get equal ressources.


        Time Machine was implemented for people which dont have time/internet connection etc. to play sometimes. If TM would be equal with normal quests in tavern then whats the point to sit about 1.5h on doing quests (1bar) or about 5h (3bar) when you could claim all of it with one click with almost the same rewards?

        Rework of Time Machine is NOT needed.


          The point is that most people don't want to spend daily 5h on a game. This way I don't use a mushroom when I get less out of it so Playa gets less money.