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    Few suggestions for the night

    Please note that this list is not complete and I'll probably update it when time comes (make it longer ).
    Also, the category BUGS contains mostly reported bugs, so keep that in mind.
    Also, yes, I know that the categories don't apply, but some grouping is nice.

    - Fortress raid shows 2 warriors even when attacking with one
    - Fight result lifebar uses cloned lifebar instead of own values (causing it to be clamped incorrectly)
    - 'You're sending guild messages too fast' works only for second guild message
    - Fortress 'free try' progress bar shows incorrect progress
    - Fortress 'Change opponent' button does not update when the screen is open and the timer finishes
    - You can use arrows in Arena Manager but cannot see what building is selected
    - Show correct health for companions

    - Total rune values should be visible to everyone (resistance, damage, hp)
    - Toilet popup when toileting items
    - Blink Tavern button when dice try is free
    - Skip gambler's cup game
    - Add a way to show calender again
    - Buy beer though quest beer button directly
    - Show different smiley when raiding players with 0/0 resources because of fortress level difference
    - Account for rune damage in damage estimate

    - Arena fights should use IDs instead of usernames
    - Calendar data should be sent only when state changes
    - Merge Player and Companion into single model and use negative class indexes for companions
    - Remove chat polling
    - Chain buying attributes instead of just spamming buy requests
    - Keep dice state until changed by a throw
    - Drop unecessary debug/admin stuff from client
    - Use server calculated values for guild (knights, levels, etc)
    - Use calculated values instead of reversing them from total (eg. recalculating pet bonus from total attribute and such)
    - Use separate index to track players in guild battles (to easily remove duplicate players)
    - Add a change/ok button to descriptions

    - Refresh quest after finishing when equip changes (recalculate reward bonuses)
    - Send chat only when changed
    - Group dungeons to single data type
    - Sync IHOFs after restarting server / midnight (from single server that determines the ranking)
    - Change 3rd item attribute to rune only
    - Add item base level to prevent changing look of item to gain more crystals
    - Recalculate proper gem price after extracting it from an item
    - Remove IPs from sent player save

    - Lower the price of slotting items
    - Change souls reward to a fraction of capacity or lure gain (depends what is higher)
    - Merge backpack and chest (Have 3 tabs with 15 items each) with row of 5 above, you can get rid of the rope too and click the tab again to hide it.
    - Show maximum level where you have 50% critical chance and full damage reduction instead of just % against your level
    - Download all resources at start of the game, not during
    - Add scientific / name switch to settings for Arena Manager
    - Add a warning when at 1B gold and trying to take another quest / gain gold manually
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    Nice work !
    On "Show maximum level where you have 50% critical chance and full damage reduction instead of just % against your level"

    For me doesn't impact to much, but i think it would be cool for this to change in a way that when comparing enemies to attack, the armor and luck values would be displayed for that specific player. in a "( )" below the current values or something like that