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Fix on dropping weapons into the toilet

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    Fix on dropping weapons into the toilet

    A lot of people are losing loads of resources because the game gives no warning whatsoever that you will lose resources when dropping a weapon into the toilet
    Imagine if the 'insert gem' option didn't have any price tag on it. People would click that, and then afterwards, realise that they lost between 20k and 30k crystals, or 25 shrooms. This is practically the same, and it's unacceptable.

    One solution I have thought of is:
    When you drop a weapon in the toilet, return all crystals that have been invested into upgrading the weapon (not the crystals that the weapon is worth without upgrades, only what you have manually upgraded).
    You can drop it into the toilet, it will return you all the crystals, and then it changes class. Once it is a different class weapon, it is not upgraded at all, and you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to give it to your companions, you can upgrade it. If you want to dismantle it for parts, you can, and it will return the crystals you have invested after it went through the toilet

    This might not be a perfect solution but it would fix this URGENT problem. The current situation is very frustrating because:
    • You don't know about this and end up losing (potentially a lot of) crystals
    • You know about this and you don't want to lose crystals, so you either don't upgrade your weapon, and you lose on upgrade stats, or you upgrade a weapon once in a while, and you lose (less, but still plenty of) crystals and potential better weapons' stats

    This situation really needs a fix, either a popup that will warn you each time you try to drop an epic weapon into the toilet, or a workaround like this. Obviously, since the non-weapon refunds don't even refund accurately, I don't expect playa to deliver a bug-free fix of any kind, but something has to be done to solve this issue at least partly. I want to be able to upgrade my weapons too
    Playa, please show us that you can actually fix something

    The fix

    1) all toilet'ed weapons should be restored to full crystal price for all classes except warriors, for warriors price should be 1x

    2) on conversion / toilet

    for warrior set 1x crystal price for any weapon
    for other classes 2x/1x crystal price for any weapon