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    Resetting stuff

    I would like to suggest, to be able to reset my character stats and my underworld "pets" (goblins, trolls and keeper).

    Reason why, is that over the years a lot of stuff has been added to the game, like the pets that gives a lot to my characters stats. This means that I, and most likely MANY others, have way more in Luck, that is actually needed and therefore the ability to rest ones stats could be very usefull.
    Same goes with the Underworld "pets". It's not in the official gameguide, that goblins and trolls have no effect on the Underworld HoF and I just recently found out about this, after putting 1500 points into both of them. Thats 3000 points spend on useless stuff, well, maybe A few points in both is usefull, but not 1500 in both.
    This is especially true for people who have played for many years or have taken a break and come back, just to see a ton of newly implemented stuff.

    So, could we have something like this:

    Stats: can be reset per stat-type, as in if I want to just reset my Luck, I pay some shrooms and my luck is reset to 1 and I get gold back equal to the amout of points in Luck.
    Underworld: can be reset per "pet", as in if I just want to reset my goblin points, I pay some shrooms and goblins is reset to 1 point and I get back souls and gold back equal to the points put into goblins.

    Would ofcourse be lovely if it was for free, but I guess a small amount of shrooms to pay for this would be ok. Like 1-5 shrooms per reset. Please don't make it too much if you do make this happen

    I don't think getting back 100% is good idea, maybe 75%. The cost should be also based on the amount spent for the upgrades.
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