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    dice game gold reward

    Hello everyone, I would like to suggest increasing the gold rewards of the dice game, the current ones are unrealistically low.
    eg. with 4 dices i got 1,3 mill gold, that is about a good 3 minutes quest reward now compate that to the 125 hourglasses or the 6250 crystals and you will see my point...
    thx for considering mysuggestion...

    Dice Game rewards are pretty much unbalanced.
    Currently im a lvl 439 player and i can agree; gold is not enough. It should give us 10x or even 100x more. This is the same situation with souls as well.
    However, on the other side, hourglass, wood and stone rewards are WAY TOO GOOD.
    I found only well-balanced the amount of crystals.

    I think (except hourglass) all of the rewards should scale with lvl.


      There is already a good amount of gold in the game including bonuses that stack.

      As you can play the game of dice 10 times a day, higher gold rewards would be too much.
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