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The Demon's Portal update: changelog and manual

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  • Leander
    Dear community,

    version .555 has been or will be uploaded. Check the in-game options to display the current server version.

    Bug fixes:

    o guild portal now works, you aren't told anymore that you cannot enter although you haven't entered yet
    o added a new portal button
    o new guild command: /arenaxp

    Use this command to see how many arena fights you already won today as the first 10 wins of a day not only give you gold and honor as rewards but also XP!

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  • Leander
    Surprise! The update is already live. At the moment the language is only English but other languages will be available as well soon.

    Our Android and iOS apps have been updated but they are not fully functional yet. They will be in the course of the next days.
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  • Leander
    started a topic The Demon's Portal update: changelog and manual

    The Demon's Portal update: changelog and manual

    Finally, here's the changelog for the upcoming update THE DEMON'S PORTAL. It was uploaded to today and will be tested for some time. All other servers will receive the update afterwards (no exact date given, might take some days).


    o new dungeon: "The Demon's Portal" also known as "Dungeon Portal"
    o new guild dungeon: "The Demon's Portal" also known as "Guild Portal"
    o high-level players now level up faster
    o new maximum level: level 500
    o if you win in the arena the first 10 PvP fights of the day now give you XP*
    o you lose at least 20 honor if you lose in the arena
    o added a guild button that lets you watch the last guild fight again
    o Arcane Toilet: maxed out Aura displayed now
    o new City Guard background

    * you get XP if the enemy grants you 100+ honor and/or was not more that 20 ranks behind you (important e.g. for the Top 10 players)


    o private messages: fixed a bug with fight messages if fight exceeded a
    certain amount of rounds
    o items: fixed a bug that an item could not be bought as its price was not displayed
    o spell scrolls: fixed a bug that enchanted items could be enchanted again
    o spell scrolls, enchanted footwear: fixed a bug with 1-minute quests
    o spell scrolls, enchanted talisman: fixed a bug that you only got more gold if your opponent also had an enchanted talisman
    o spell scrolls, enchanted belt: fixed a bug that did not let you drink the eleventh beer
    o quest rewards: fixed a bug if quest exceeded midnight
    o scrapbook: fixed a display bug (level of completion higher than 100%)
    o scrapbook: fixed a bug with stickers not being added correctly
    o PvP: fixed a bug with honor being incorrectly displayed
    o options: fixed a bug with disabling the Flying Tube
    o Witch: fixed a display bug (desired item) after the ninth spell scroll
    o gambler: fixed a gold display bug

    The manual for The Demon's Portal can be found here:

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