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    New patch!

    Our team just finished working on the latest patch. It is already live or will be live very soon (make sure to refresh your browser).


    + arena: actual number of XP won is now displayed (first 10 fights)

    + fortress: gold costs of upgrades have been reduced
    + fortress: increased number of assigned opponents for top hall of fame-players
    + fortress: guild members will no longer be assigned as opponents (as long as possible)
    + fortress: new graphics for inserted gems

    + wheel of fortune: increased number of daily spins to 20

    + guild: display of guild members' levels is now refreshed more quickly

    + tower: your followers' attributes are now based on your basic attributes and are no longer fixed. Your main attribute (e.g. strength if you are a warrior) is now directly used for your warrior follower
    + tower: your followers' attributes are now boosted by your player's potions
    Please note that the new calculation only works after manually increasing one of your player's attributes!


    + fortress: archers and mages are now ready to defend your fortess after finishing training. You do not have to log in to your account anymore so they become ready
    + fortress: fixed a calcuation bug (XP, academy)

    + tower: followers can use items with gems and the bonus is correctly displayed
    + tower: fixed a graphics glitch of floor 84

    + battle log: fixed a bug that displayed you lost 0 wood

    + shops: fixed a bug when buying potions and using the additional backpack slots

    + wheel of fortune: fixed a bug that disabled level ups when gaining enough XP

    + tavern: fixed a bug that displayed odd quest durations when releasing a mount

    + portals: fixed a display bug (calculation, rounding up)

    + guild: fixed a bug that delayed attacks if no guild member had watched the previous battle
    + guild: fixed a display bug when editing guild description with special characters using the old app
    + guild: button no longer flashes telling you to get ready for battle although you cannot (because you changed your guild and cannot take part for 24 hours)
    + guild: fixed a bug that did not delete the guild but promoted an invited player to guild leader
    + guild: fixed a bug that displayed players as members of two guilds
    + guild: portal damage is again displayed when dealing a minimum of 0.25% of total damage
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