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Day of Changes: Current List (client v2.61.1091, s v943)

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    Day of Changes: Current List (client v2.61.1091, s v943)

    Update client v2.61.1091, s v943

    The pets have received some changes and will get some more in the course of the next hours. The changes are already live on all DE servers. All other worlds will receive them soon.

    + food can be found everywhere now regardless of quest text and location (if no item reward is displayed upon quest selection). Now all players have the same chance to find food regardless of offered quests and time of the day.

    + you can feed a pet up to three times a day. Dots next to the level indicate how hungry a pet is. Reason: more room for items in your backpack again!

    + pets vs. pets follows the usual PvP rules. Both the attacker and defender win or lose honor. The fruit reward only applies to the attacker though.

    + an official list where all pets can be found will be released soon!
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