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Upcoming Patch v986 & Pet Corrections

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    Upcoming Patch v986 & Pet Corrections

    The UPCOMING PATCH v986 will be available in the course of the next days. List of changes and corrections:

    + Earth pet #17 and light pet #17 will be fixed. At the moment you find the light pet when searching for the earth pet.

    + Some players could not find fire pet #19. This will be fixed. The location is: Skull Island.

    + Water pet #18 will require a toilet aura of 20 as listed in the guide. At the moment only a level of 13 seems to be required.

    + Light pet #16 (Northrunt) cannot be found all December long BUT ONLY during the Christmas Mushroom Sale.

    + Shadow pet #15 (Black Forest) cannot be found all October long BUT ONLY during the Halloween Mushroom Sale.
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