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Update, New International World, Easter Event & More

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    Update, New International World, Easter Event & More

    Hello heroes!

    Get ready for our brand-new UPDATE! It will be live as soon as possible, maybe today, maybe tomorrow!

    New content & fixes:

    - For the first time in the history of Shakes & Fidget there is a new class: the Assassin

    - New dungeon "Time-honored School of Magic" with 20 floors each. Light World: level 200 required, Shadow World: level 350 required

    - You regain resources for selling (shops) or dismantling upgraded items (Blacksmith) now

    - Maximum pet level increased to 200. Attribute bonus for a pet: level 100 +0.5%, level 150 +0.75%, level 200 +1%

    - Blacksmith: items can be improved 20 times now

    - Balancing: nerfed some Twister and Shadow World enemies

    - Several minor bug fixes and improvements:
    -- Added progress bar to some achievements
    -- Successful dungeon fights are now automatically saved
    -- Underworld: the player with the highest level now gains the same amount of Souls and honor for luring and defeating the second highest level
    -- Underworld Hall of Fame: now both honor (max. Souls at level x+) and in case of a draw, the strength of the Keeper play a role
    -- Fixed several minor bugs: Time Machine displayed wrong XP gained, Underworld buildings showed wrong duration, players couldn't be lured into Underworld, pet ranks not refreshed after a fight

    On Thursday 16 CET the INTERNATIONAL WORLD W23 will be launched! Take part in a fresh adventure and try out the new Assassin class!

    Official guild section:

    From Friday till Monday there will be the EASTER EVENT with all events at once (more gold, more XP, more forest rarities, more epics) and a mushroom sale with +20% more mushrooms for every mushroom order!


    Wait, there's more! Don't forget the APRIL FOOL'S PET on 1st April and the Easter Epics!
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    The new server is live now!

    A note on upgraded items: you don't get gold for selling items that have been in the toilet. If you upgrade such an item resources are displayed and the text only says you won't get gold BUT you won't get anything. The in-game text will be updated soon.
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