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Patch 2.59.1058

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    Patch 2.59.1058

    Here's the list of changes for patch 2.59.1058:

    + guild chat increased to 25 lines

    + fixed a daily missions bug that occurred if you did not finish or start the mission the day before

    + fixed a damage calculation bug with no weapon equipped

    + fixed a rare SSO login bug that kept you from logging in

    + changed fortress calculations: before the current patch you gained 10% of the resources stored in the main building plus 50% stored in the woodcutter's hut and quarry plus x% of the hourly production of YOUR own woodcutter's hut and quarry (x = depending on the level gap between you and your opponent).

    Now you no longer gain x% of the hourly production of YOUR woodcutter's hut and quarry but of your OPPONENT's.

    This is a temporary change that might be tweaked after some days! We are testing how the new system works.
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