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Christmas Update, Christmas Special & W30!

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  • Leander
    W30 is live now!

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  • Leander
    We just updated the game to v3.022. Update your game to the latest version and refresh your browser!

    List of fixes:

    o Tavern: fixed a quest reward display error for players not in a guild

    o Dungeons: fixed the attributes of Shadow Dungeon 16, floors 15 and 16

    o Dungeons: fixed a Twister bug after defeating an enemy (enemies displayed the wrong level)

    o Guild: fixed guild fights that were 1,000 gold instead of 100

    o Guild: fixed the displayed date and time of guild attacks and defenses

    o Guild: improved the “Continue upgrade?” button for maxed out guilds

    o Fortress: fixed a resource display bug

    o Dr. Abawuwu’s Wheel of Fortune: fixed an animation bug when pet food was gained

    o UI: the gem bonus in weapons is correctly displayed now

    o UI: win and loss and animations can be skipped with a left or right mouse click now

    o Arena: fixed a bug that suggested the same opponent more than once

    o Mail: fixed a bug that saved the last quest fight instead of a fortress attack

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  • Leander
    The update is live on all servers now!

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  • Leander
    started a topic Christmas Update, Christmas Special & W30!

    Christmas Update, Christmas Special & W30!

    Ho Ho Ho!

    This week we are going to release the big CHRISTMAS UPDATE!

    Here’s a list of new features, changes and fixes:

    - a new Lord of the Rings-themed Dungeon with 20 Floors each (Light World and Shadow World)
    - exciting improvements to your Guild (Link)
    - stackable Fruits that no longer clog your Inventory
    - dig as deep as you want: (almost) no Level restriction for your Gem Mine and Gold Pit
    - several small improvements and fixes

    Please read the manual for more details!

    Official Discussion Thread:

    Moreover, the new INTERNATIONAL WORLD W30 will be launched this Friday at 16 CET! Yes, 30, there won't be w29. In addition, our Christmas special will go live on Saturday: all events at the same time – more XP, more gold, more epics (level 50 required), more resources and +20% more mushrooms for 5 days!
    Guild section

    The new guild layout will be also available for S&F 2.0. Now about 30 instead of 20 guild members are displayed on the same screen. The bottom-right corner of the screen shows 3 tabs (guild description, upgrades and guild portal) but there’s a total room of 5 for future features. The new guild pet is already scheduled for the first quarter of 2019!
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