The Future of Shakes & Fidget

When celebrating the 10th anniversary of Shakes & Fidget, we also celebrated 10 awesome years! Over the years we had fun adding many features and we redid the entire game twice (the first remake was “The New Shakes & Fidget” at the time of our 6th anniversary)!

We started our journey in 2009 and would have never expected the game to become this popular. This was only possible because of you, the community! So many of you have been active in your guilds, our local forums and on social media and have helped to develop a great and fun experience.
We are extremely proud of our community: Some of you found friends in the game and some even married!

Now that we celebrated the past it´s time to take a look into the future. One year ago we announced that we have been working on “Shakes & Fidget Remastered”. First and foremost, the reasons for this new version is that the Flash technology we used to build the old version is no longer supported by its publisher Adobe and technically won´t work at all in 2020. However, we see this as an opportunity to improve many things that were criticized by the community and so we added portrait mode for mobile phones, updated the navigation and the graphics, added voice overs and many comfort functions. We are very happy with the result, but we are also aware that some players still prefer the old version.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the “Classic app” for Android (which is not Flash-based), we can only support “Shakes & Fidget Retro“ (the 2.0/Flash version for browser, Android and Steam) at least until September 1 and until the next content update at the latest. Further support for the rest of the year is not possible due to internal restructuring and preparations for the post-Flash era. We wish we could support the Flash-based version forever but unfortunately, it is not possible as explained above. What we can do is to further improve the new Remastered version based on your feedback! It’s great if you already like the new version, but if you still prefer the old version we would like to know why. What exactly do you prefer in the old version? We are looking forward to your feedback: