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Clash of Empires, some Words on Server Mergers & Gold Event

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    Clash of Empires, some Words on Server Mergers & Gold Event

    Hello heroes! Today we have three announcements to on!

    Quite some time ago we announced our upcoming game CLASH OF EMPIRES, an RTS game in the universe of Shakes & Fidget. Many of you kept asking about the game's release date and have even wondered if the game would be still alive. Now the wait is officially over! You can play the Early Access Alpha Version right now:

    Click to enlarge!

    The game is still in an early state of development, which means there are bugs and design, gameplay, mechanics and content are not final and buildings and heroes are also capped at a certain level. Moreover, buying the premium currency is not possible yet. Please also be aware that the server including all player progress might be reset regularly.

    Here's a screenshot of the game:

    Click to enlarge!

    We are looking forward to meeting all of you on our brand-new Discord server:

    Of course you can also follow us on Facebook:

    Have fun playing Clash of Empires!

    Today we would also like to talk about MERGING SERVERS. Just like you we definitely want to make server mergers possible. The problem is that it is not easy. We've asked one of our coders to give an insight into the current situation.

    1) There will be conflicts with account and guild name duplicates.

    2) All players must get new internal IDs and all data (messages, fight logs, guilds etc.) have to be adjusted accordingly. Because of the complexity of our custom data management, changing the internal records will be a lot of work and prone to failure.

    3) Tracking and payment is based on a unique combination of player ID and server ID. These IDs would no longer be valid when merging servers and past transactions would be difficult to track.

    If these problems are too difficult to fix or not safe enough, we will test if moving individual accounts to other servers is possible.

    Some days ago we discussed possible mergers in Discord and asked you to share your opinions, ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your constructive and helpful feedback! We will take everything into consideration when finding a solution to the problem of merging servers!

    Last but not least, we will have our GOLD EVENT from Friday to Sunday!

    Have a nice weekend!
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