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Four Events, Update & other News

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    Four Events, Update & other News

    Hello heroes!

    Get ready for four upcoming events from Friday to Sunday! We will have CRAZY MUSHROOM HARVEST with +20% more mushrooms at the mushroom dealer and an increased chance of mushrooms on quests. Moreover, ASSEMBLY OF AWESOME ANIMALS will be active, which means twice as many fruits from quests and the wheel of fortune, you can feed a pet 9 times a day and premium mounts have a shorter travel duration (thirst subtracted stays the same). In addition, there will be EPIC SHOPPING SPREE EXTRAVAGANZA with an increased chance of epics in the shops and on quests (five times as high, level 50+ required) and you can find pet Knilight during the event. Finally, TIDY TOILET TIME will reward you with twice as many mana points for throwing an epic in the toilet and pet Mantiflame can be found during the event. As usual, both pets need to be unlocked in their habitats first.

    It's also time for our latest UPDATE to client version 7.2 which is scheduled worldwide for tomorrow! Changelog:

    Last but not least, we have to announce that Android Classic, the Facebook version and the Amazon app will be DISCONTINUED some time in March. As there won't be more updates for those, please continue playing on our other platforms. A note to Facebook players: your accounts are on world 1 international (

    Have a nice weekend!
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