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Facebook/Google/iTunes/Steam: validation, email address, password help

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    Facebook/Google/iTunes/Steam: validation, email address, password help


    Here are some tips for creating accounts.

    Every platform such as Facebook, Google Play Games (Google account) , Game Center (Apple/iTunes account) or Steam has platform-specific accounts. This means that by creating a Google Play Games account via Android app for example, you decide to use it only on Google Android devices. However, you can also create the account with your email address and password and use it on all devices (email validation required).

    You can also set your email address and password later on. Important: if you want to disconnect your account from a platform, make sure to set your email address and password before.
    Here's how you can assign an email address and password to your account:

    Facebook: it's easy as your login data are emailed to your Facebook email address so you can change them.

    Google Play Games (Google account): log out of your profile (do not delete it!) and click on "Manage" to display account management. Select "Change email address" and enter your email address twice. Leave the password field blank and click on "Ok".

    A validation email will be sent to you. After validating your email address you can request a password by using the password reminder function.

    Game Center (Apple/iTunes account): see Google Play Games.

    Steam: see Google Play Games. Note: it isn't fully working at the moment but soon will be.

    Creating platform-specific accounts seems to be easier first but if you want to play on other platforms and devices as well, setting an email address immediately is more convenient in the long run.

    We hope our tips have been helpful.

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