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Morrie 15th July 2013 04:00 AM

Time ingame
I woke up in the middle of the night to set a gamefight.
Because the guild had a fight at 3:28.
It is half an hour later now.
But the fight from 3:28 is still going and not ended yet.
I can't set a new fight on that guild.
I complained earlier about this problem and nothing has done about it!
Feels like I don't matter.

GeorgeKen 15th July 2013 10:24 AM

what do you mean "still going and not ended yet"? Your guild still hasnt fought the other guild, or you simply cant start a new battle? Cause there is a cooldown every time your guild attacks another guild and you cannot start another battle till the cooldown is over

bobo baggins 15th July 2013 11:06 AM

Remember that time that it shows for wars raids goes by the time you have on your computer so if you start a war at say 0530 your computer time it will show 1530 that war ends. then you need to add 90 minutes to that for the cooldown time before you can start another war/raid.

To make it easier for everyone in my guilds I try to have set times every 12 hours say like 0500 my time and 1700

Morrie 16th July 2013 07:24 AM

Not our guild had a fight at 3:28, but the other guild against another guild.
The time that that fight took place was passed.
But the fight stood there listed.
I am a guild leader with lvl 228, so I know about cooling down time ;-)
And I saw the fight the night before, so I woke up earlier, because I knew the fight would end at 3:28 and I could set our own fight against that guild.
On our server between setting the guildfights and having it is 10 hours.

O poep, waarom kan ik dit niet gewoon in mijn eigen taal schrijven.
Nu zit het stomme taalprobleem ertussen!

Cregan 16th July 2013 09:47 AM

Isn't this the same problem you mentioned before? If so, give the devs even more time to fix it :p My experience from other games is that devs need a LOT of time to even fix apparently simple things...

Als je twijfelt of je bedoeling goed overkomt in het engels, kun je ook gewoon in het nederlands typen, dan doe ik mijn best het te vertalen :) Dat is geen garantie dat het dan wel lukt overigens ;)

Morrie 17th July 2013 07:56 PM

I don't know if I mentioned it here or on the old Dutch forum.
As we al know, the Dutch gamesupport was out of bussiness for a while.
Better said 2 times than no time at all.

I can only think of one reason that the timesettings don't work.
Maybe a guildfight(time) just ends when the first person of one of the two guilds watches the fight (or clicks to see the end of it)?

Cregan 18th July 2013 01:51 AM

Very true!

I found the other topic in the dutch section;

Morrie 19th July 2013 07:50 PM

I don't think this is fair.
So there is no skill recuired for attacking another guild on the right time, just luck that someone of the other 2 guilds watches the fight at the right moment so you can set the fight as the first next guild?
I would like it very much that this bug will be fixed.

On the other side: I don't want other people to see at what time in the morning our players go online. They could use that for there strategy.

chillworld 19th July 2013 10:48 PM


Where do you see when someone is logged in and who is logged in(from other guild)? From the fight till they come free its 1 person of one of the 2 guild that need to be online.
I don't think someone check every minute if that guild is free for attacking.
By the way,, when they attack you they can also see if someone defend that guild or not so if someone really needs to plan a strategy they can watch that for 10 hrs when someone cliks for defending theid guild (so they know he's online)

You can go till 2000 point lower than your guild for attacking and you still get xp points for it.
I think you have choice enough for attacking so grant them a little time for bugfixing.
Its not a really urgent bug, not much people has to deal with this bug so its normal that takes a little more time than an urgent bug.

Greetz chill.

bobo baggins 20th July 2013 01:53 AM

Actually it use to be 3000 honor now you can go as low as you want but I believe you don't get as much exp as you would the same guild within 3000 honor.

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