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Lamadrien 15th March 2016 04:41 PM

LarchTreeParty recruiting
Hi everybody!

LarchTreeParty is a new guild looking for active members regardless of current level.

Current guild bonus: Exp +20% Gold +20%

1. Be active daily
2. No shrooming necessary but always have at least -30% mount
3. Donate at least five hours of city guard wages per day
4. Behave and have fun!

1. You will not be removed from the guild if you announce longer periods of inactivity, otherwise you will be removed after 2 days of inactivity.
2. 30% mount gives you 30% more quests over 14 days for a single shroom.
Although not required 50% mount is recommended since it gives you more value than spending shrooms on drinks.
3. Five hours of city guard wages is less than you get from the current guild bonus. This cost will almost certainly go up once we upgrade the bonus. Of course the more you donate the more we can upgrade the guild.
4. Self-explanatory.

If you wanna join up contact me in game: UmObydiel.

Lamadrien 20th March 2016 08:17 PM

Just a little update.

We are still recruiting, there are five of us now.

Guild bonus is Exp +26% Gold +20%

Everyone is welcome!

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