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Lemuroza 26th February 2017 02:34 PM

Hardwired to SelfDestruct
Guild SelfDestruct is looking for some active player. Leader and all of the officers are from Poland and are real life friends but everyone is welcome.
If you want to join our main guild you need at least level 25. If you are below that level (from 1 to 24) you can join our academy to quickly level up.

What we offer:
- Active community
- A good start into this new server
- As of right now Instructor 56% and Treasure 56%

What we expect from you:
- Activity
- Daily donations of :gold: and if you want to some :shroom:
- At least 100 thirst per day.
- Mount -30% or better
- Reading guilds description as it will change from time to time(one of us will message you if we change anything).
- Reading messages from leader and officers as we had some problems with that before.

If you are interested message Hammett or Lemuroza in game.

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