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CreepyBullets 8th January 2020 02:14 AM

Pets and stats
Hi all, so I was checking my stats and when you scroll over it it seems like your pets have some sort of a contribution to your stats. Anyone know how this actually works? Are there any threads breaking this down? Iím asking because I want to make sure to pick pets that compliment my character and how I want to build him. Thanks in advance

CreepyBullets 8th January 2020 02:25 AM

Just got an earth apple and fed the goat and leveled him up a level, took a SS of my stats before and after so leveling him up didnít change that number. Just looking for clarification of what it means

NthraX 8th January 2020 03:29 AM

here ya go mate ;)

The 100 Habitat fights give you Gold and XP. Moreover, the packs boost your hero's respective Attributes by +1% per Pet.

Shadow Pets: Constitution bonus
Light Pets: Dexterity bonus
Earth Pets: Intelligence bonus
Fire Pets: Luck bonus
Water Pets: Strength bonus

Moreover, if a pet reaches Level 100 you get an additional bonus of +0.5%. The bonus is increased to +0.75% at Level 150 and even +1% at Level 200."

CreepyBullets 8th January 2020 05:52 AM

Sweet thank you

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