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Leander 25th September 2019 02:12 PM

Content Update 3.042

The new content update 3.042 will be live on soon. All other worlds will receive it later, it is scheduled for tomorrow 16 CEST.

New features:
o Arena Manager (level 105+ required)
o Rune enchantments for items
New manual entry: Link
Official discussion thread: Link

o Witch: Spell scrolls are capped at 10 million gold now
o Dungeons: Clicking the X (tower) redirects you to dungeon map now
o Hall of fame: Players start with 1 honor now (as new players with 0 honor could not be found in the hall of fame)

Fixed bugs:
o Apps: Push notifications work again now
o Gems in companions’ weapons no longer display a x2 bonus
o Gems in Berserkers’ weapons no longer add a +11% bonus
o Witch: Shield donations are possible without an error message now
o Dungeons: Twister floor 1,001 is no longer displayed
o Dungeons, Apps: fixed a bug with tower graphics in portrait mode
o Dungeons: fixed a dungeon portal display error
o Underworld: fixed a bug that didn’t display the amount of gold ready to be collected in the gold pit
o Main UI, Apps: fixed the position of the sword icon in portrait mode
o Guild: Potions of guild members displayed next to the correct member now if order of members changes
o Guild: Mail button flashes again when receiving guild invitations
o Inbox: adding friends no longer freezes the game
o Inbox: reading a message, then logging in to another account no longer instantly opens the inbox and displays a message
o Hall of fame: fixed an occasional bug when searching for too long names

Reminder: As announced here, the update will be only available for the Remastered version.

Leander 26th September 2019 04:43 PM

More worlds will receive the update today at 17 CEST with all other worlds following some time later today (depends if everything goes well).

Leander 26th September 2019 07:22 PM

We are still doing some tests to see if everything works well. The update will go live worldwide on all servers tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

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