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Bqczek 6th October 2014 11:06 PM

Custom item appearance
After new Halloween epics, I started to think WHY? If I find one I will keep it only for short amount of time and replace it with better one.

My solution is simple, add custom appearance option, or rather slot in item for texture.

To change item appearance just equip different texture in slot.

Theres only 1 little problem. Count texture as items?

Not much place to keep them.

Chose from scrapbook collection? To easy to obtain them.

Only reasonable way is to add some kind of container or "texture slots" aren't assign to item itself but to item slot and we have like 2 of "texture slots" per item slot and just switch between them.

How to get textures? Personally I would add option to change item in to equipable texture. But it can also be rare find in weapon/magic shop, depend on item type, accessories in magic shop, weapons and armors in weapon shop. By the way, why its weapon shop if they sell armors to? Why not call it "ARMORY"?

Thats all, feel free to add something from yourself.

bobo baggins 7th October 2014 12:59 AM

:wall:I love the idea but here can be some problems with it.

weaker player changes skins for an item someone else needs who can easily beat then so they can fill scrapbook.

Darn it I had another one in my head but forgot it will post if I recall what it was.:wall:

Bqczek 7th October 2014 09:10 AM

I want skins to be hard to come by and with somewhat limited space on them for example 2 or 3 skins per item slot. It can lso be done differently, skins will only change appearance so I don`t know if this will count as different item to scrapbook, For example something like this

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