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Eggman95 13th December 2017 08:01 PM

Calculating Underworld Fights

It is technically possible to predict the performance of the underworld units,
we just have to collect some data.

What I know so far:

1.) Gobins, Trolls and the Keeper are Warriors
The HP of the underworld-units tells you, that they are warriors.
Their Health is equal to "Constitution*5*(Level+1)".

2.) Even though being a warrior, they cannot block

All units are warriors that can't block. So, they are actually quite shitty.
Assuming an underworld-unit would fight an opponent with equal stats,
The balance would look like this:
a) Against an opponent without armor
b) Against an opponent with armor
(Here is an explanation how I calculated the values above

3.) The damage is not random
Like the pets, the underworld-units have a weapon without a range,
which will make it easier to compare fights.

And this are the things I still need to know/confirm:
1.) What is the armor value of the underworld-units?
2.) What is the base/weapon damage of the underworld-units?
3.) What are the stats of the underworld-units?

How you can help me:
Record your underworld-fight(s) and post it:
I am interested in the damage of your target (it will help to figure out the armor value of the underworld-unit)
I need the armor value of the target
I only need the first hit of the underworld-unit and the char you are fighting,
so you can click the "Next fight"-Button after both sides have attacked

Here is an example:

I used WebMCam to record the battle (

What I am going to do with that information:
All the values like damage, armor, stats are based on the level of the underworld-unit,
with enough data I will be abled to get a function for all the different values of the underworld-unit.
You will then be abled to simulate a fight between e.g. your keeper on and an opponent of your choice.

Leander 13th December 2017 08:53 PM

Thanks for your study, looks interesting! :)

Strider 13th December 2017 09:28 PM

I will scour some Youtube videos to help and post them here

... everyone is skipping their fights .. bleh!

rvm1975 14th December 2017 10:01 PM

armor value of both targets is 0

sharex is better capture software. It is completely free and without any ***ware

SKiiZZ 14th December 2017 11:13 PM

I don't know if this is valid, the damage of my opponent is bad represented...

EDIT: Sorry for leaving the whole battle against the keeper, I read now that it should only leave the first attack of each >.<

sharshooter 15th December 2017 12:21 PM

How do you know that underground units has 50% armor?

On lvl 11 keeper I have weapon 409 dmg.

11/80 vs 275 warrior na EQ

Eggman95 16th December 2017 07:23 PM

1.) Armor value of the underworld-units

Originally Posted by sharshooter (Post 50660)
How do you know that underground units has 50% armor? [...]

I calculated the damage the opponent should do for several different fights.
You will get the result that the damage dealt by the opponet is slower,
so you can asume that the underworld-units have armor.

I check many different fights and i guess the total armor for the keeper is calculated the same way it is calculated for warrior-pets: "level*50"

2.) weapon damage of the keeper?
I calculated the weapon damage of the keeper:
The y-achsis is the level of the keeper, there is an obvious linear relationship between the level and the weapon damage of the keeper.
The weapon damage of trolls and goblins is not the same as the keeper ones,
but goblins and trolls are argubly worse than the keeper.

3.) stats of the underworld-units
The stats of the goblins are ~1/5 of the stats of the keeper,
the stats of the trolls are ~1/4 of the stats of the keeper.
Behind the stats of the keeper/trolls/goblins is not a simple function,
so it is easier to work with a reference table.

I am still missing the stats of the keeper for this level:

Fight Simulation
With those information you are abled to simulate a fight between the keeper and an opponent of your choice.

I would use the already existing fight simulator of Sparky2,
here is a link to his forum post:
The download link is dead, but here is a reupload:

I created an excel sheet that tells you what to put into the simulator:
(You are only abled to change the level of the keeper)

Note: The Interface of the simulator is in german, in the sheet above i provided an english translation of the german text.
Also you have to enter the weapon damage of your opponent,
if the opponent has no weapon you have to divide the displayed damage range by "main-attribute"/10.

The character makes between 4989 and 9914 damage and has 638 main- attribute.
4989/(638/10) = ~78
9914/(638/10) = ~155
That is the weapon damage.

I do not know exactly how good the simulator is but the tendency should be right.

Strider 16th December 2017 07:25 PM

Thank you Eggman, this will be an excellent resource!

nofacethecruel 17th December 2017 05:03 PM

Keeper lvl 200

Strider 18th December 2017 08:49 PM

Based on this ... I'll need Keeper Level 1000 to defeat myself naked and GeorgeKen will probably need Keeper Level 1250+

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