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Rhythmite 16th January 2020 09:56 AM

Questions About Item Rune Bonuses
Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't see anything like this.
I'd appreciate it if someone could answer a question about how the rune bonuses work, as I've got +39% gold bonus from quests and I can't see it making any difference.
1. Do you have to have the items equipped for the bonus to work? Or is being in the back pack enough (if the latter that might explain why i see no difference when comparing).

So my quest giver has three quests offing different gold rewards:
I 453,696
II 890,573
III 1,263,788

THe gold reward for each quest doesn't change if I equip or unequip the gear with the gold bonuses on.
Final reward for completing quest III 1,390,166 so roughly 10% over the original advertised reward, but I can't see this is related to the rune bonus since that is at 39%. So at what point does the rune bonus get factored in?

david4244 16th January 2020 11:58 AM

It works fine for me.
I have the whole 50% bonus (+10% gold bonus from witch scroll in the ring)

So maximum i'm getting 10m + 5m + 1,5m = 16,500,000 GOLD per quests.

Ps.: You do have to equip the items, it doesn't work if it's in your inventory.

Rhythmite 16th January 2020 12:54 PM

SO what am I doing wrong then?
I switch into my best gear first thing to do dungeons, Demon Portal and Guild portal, then switch to my bonus gear to do my quests for the day, but I'm not seeing the bonus reflected in the rewards.

david4244 16th January 2020 01:02 PM

Which version are you using? (If it's still the old version, not the remastered, i can imagine bugs, tho you can't even enter the arena menager in the old version so i assume you are using the remastered)

On top of this, after switching to gold gear, not sure but guess the already loaded quests won't change, but the next quests should be giving more gold for sure.

Are you reaching the 10m gold cap per quests btw? Cuz it's harder to tell the difference if you are low level and getting ~900k golds only per quests. Compared to me, cuz w/o the gold bonus items i can't pass the 10m (11m with witch scroll) per quest rewards, meanwhile with them on, i'm definitely getting more than 10m.

Valkyra 16th January 2020 01:26 PM

You have to equip the items with bonus before you start questing and don't change gears untill you finish the quest at least. As david4244 stated the best way to calculate is to find a quest with 10 mil reward.
I explained myself in the next post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rhythmite 16th January 2020 02:10 PM

That's pretty much what I've been doing. Equip bonus gear prior to doing first quest and leave it on for all questing, and until the following day to start with portals and dungeons, then back into bonus gear to repeat.
Have tried various permutations only putting gear worth 10% on or 20% on always the same I only get a 10% gold bonus.
However thanks for your comments, still can't see that it's working for me - but more likely I'm doing something daft! Will find a 10m reward quest and test the proposition again and then post back.
Should probably add I'm playing remastered through PC, have also tried it across multiple characters on different worlds and the same thing is replicated.

Strider 16th January 2020 04:30 PM

Take a snapshot of your stats BEFORE and AFTER questing with your normal gear

Next day do the same with your bonus gear

See if there is a big difference overall in gold achieved.

Gully 16th January 2020 05:42 PM

Exp and Gold values are calculated when the 3 quests are generated.

Once you enter the tavern quest values are calculated and will not change even if you equip/unequip armor

If you dont trust the system you can play without bonus and writing down how much you get and then the day after do the same with rune bonus. you should be able to see the difference over all

Valkyra 16th January 2020 07:00 PM

It seems i was wrong so i apologize.
The bonus is only in effect when new quests are being generated. Changing items does NOT change the rewards, as the bonus was generated with the old item equipped. To use a gold bonus for example, you need to equip the item/items and finish the current quest. The new generated quests will have the bonus applied. Unfortunately the bonus does not refresh in real time so if you dont have the gold/xp gear equipped when the quests are generated you will loose the bonus for that 1st quest.
You can try the suggestions that BMWGuinness and Gully gave if you dont trust the system.

Later edit:
Rhythmite you were talking about the 10% you can calculate (1,263,788 => 1,390,166 - +9,99%). That is only from the ring enchant (The Grave Robber's Prayer spell) and not from any rune bonus because that bonus is already applied to the reward ammount if you equiped the rune bonus gear before the quests were generated. Same thing with the XP bonus, you will get +10% after the quest is finished from the hat enchant (Adventurer's Archaeological Aura spell).

rvm1975 16th January 2020 08:16 PM


Originally Posted by Rhythmite (Post 58431)
That's pretty much what I've been doing. Equip bonus gear prior to doing first quest

for the bonuses on 1st quest equip required items before server reset

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