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King Arath 24th January 2016 08:27 AM

Upgrading the gem mine: must do or don't?
Hi there,

I was wondering if any 'best practices' are available yet about the gem mine upgrades.
Is it useful to upgrade the gem mine? The cost of mining a gem doubles with every upgrade and the time increases with 2hours (non diminished) per mine lvl.

=> What are the benefits of upgrading? Is the % of finding better gems improved? If so, are there any percentages known yet? (maybe on other posts/forums?) I can't find any decent info about this yet.

Opinions / theorycraft is welcome!!

To throw in an own opinion: so far my mine is on lvl 10 and I don't really think about increasing the lvl because of the resource cost. Am I correct?


slasker 24th January 2016 02:50 PM

I tend to agree with you.
The value of the gems is not proportional to the time it takes to dig them... on the contrary.
Of course, the higher level the mine, the better the stats of the gems. But I dont know how much the level of the mine affects it.
I still have "old" gems from before the HoK was introduced that gives better bonuses than what I can dig out now :-(. Me too, I have a mine level 10, and me too, I dont really think about increasing the level. It should be to get the black gems - but if they require a high HoK level, it will take a very long time before I get it... Our server is not too active.

Borb 24th January 2016 02:56 PM

I guess that level 1 sounds like a good idea.
Itīs fast and you get plenty of gems - and selling them for gold can be quite nice.
Also too high level cost waaay too much resources - lvl 9 gem mine cost like idk,15k wood ? Which is a lot,and i dont want it to affect my progress of fortress.
I guess that the lower gem mine the better,unless u want to have the most amazing gems ever.

slasker 24th January 2016 03:09 PM

yeah. Also kind of ridiculous, that a level 1 gem gives the same mana in the toilet as a level 10

dfps 24th January 2016 03:35 PM

Is worth upgrading. Before seing this
Lvl 1 mine gem would give you eventually more gold that the gems give you stats. But after seing tha llv 1 would take years to pay the stats.

lvl char*0.36*[1+0.15*(gem mine lvl-1)]+knights/3 for normal gems...for grey ones im not sure yet what is the formula

bobo baggins 24th January 2016 03:50 PM

Well I say doing some upgrading is worth it Currently I have my gem mines all at lvl 4 for my 3 toons. the stat increase is worth the time and it gives me a small break of not having to check every 30 minutes to an hour especially at work where I cant check that often.

Also remember that Hall of knights also helps with gem stats so be sure to get everyone in your guild to lvl that as well. I know withing first week of HoK at lvl 1 gem mines the stats doubled I believe we had HoK at over 150.

example lvl 4 gem mine with HoK at 422 I get gems for best grade gems of 350+.

slasker 24th January 2016 03:51 PM

well - the question is, whether it is the mine or the HoK that does the difference.
If it is the latter, it is not worth it for me in a semi-active guild (our HoK is currently around 250)

TheDinorhino 24th January 2016 06:29 PM

Just upgrade it.

bobo baggins 24th January 2016 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by slasker (Post 42249)
well - the question is, whether it is the mine or the HoK that does the difference.
If it is the latter, it is not worth it for me in a semi-active guild (our HoK is currently around 250)

both up help with better stats at some point you will want to upgrade gem mine whether you do it slowly and get the best gems for all gear then upgrade again. But in the end it is up to you what you think is the best for you. some ppl did mine as they did the rest others like me kept it low. (I do plan on upgrading mines on all servers I play soon as not getting many gems that r better then what I have)

King Arath 29th January 2016 08:18 AM

Isn't this something that should be adressed by the dev team? I find it curious how this situation can be a desired or 'as designed' effect?

Better gem mines should be able to give an advantage to the players overall strength. The idea of 'I'll keep my gem mine at its lowest lvl so I'm better off' is kind of flawed in my opinion :-)

@bobo / leander: is this something that could be dropped on the table at the dev HQ? :-)

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