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Leander 2nd October 2019 02:47 PM

Update 3.042.191002.1
Update 3.042.191002.1 is live on and will uploaded to all other servers later today.

New features:
o Tavern: New quest popup displays bonus of runes
o Arena Manager: Flying Tube added to Arena Manager screen
o Arena Manager: Click time duration of object to display remaining time of money production
o Shops: Icons have been added to items with runes

o Mushroom dealer, Apps: The pack with 30 mushrooms is available again
o Arena Manager: Boosts are capped at 200 mushrooms now
o Arena Manager: Sometimes values were not correctly displayed due to rounding up. We have improved the display/tolerance
o Arena Manager: The merchant is now available 2 hours instead of 1

Fixed bugs:
o Settings: Disabling voice output now also mutes tower companions
o Arcane Toilet: Now epics change their main attribute in the toilet again
o Tavern: corrected rune calculations
o Arena Manager: Now the merchant pays you a visit after the 20 hour-countdown even when you are logged in
o Arena Manager: Improved display of inactive objects
o Shops: The witch text correctly displays warrior shields as weapons now
o Dungeons, Apps: fixed attack button of tower

Leander 2nd October 2019 06:50 PM

"o Arena Manager: Flying Tube added to Arena Manager screen" -> only to arena screen at the moment. Will be fixed soon.

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