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Mystic Falls 24th September 2013 04:01 PM

Attak harassment
SpaceMopsDE Reports players lvl75 hight lvl im lvl48 report players harassment attak me Every 9 minutes help me

Divisum 24th September 2013 05:07 PM

Which server?
Aks a player of your guild to attack him?
I don't know if playa can do something cause he attacks you much, but if the lvl difference is so big i think you won't lose much/anything

bobo baggins 24th September 2013 05:51 PM

It is allowed any player can attack any other player as much as they want as long as they either wait the 10 minutes between attacks or have shrooms to attack even sooner. if he can get your name up and hits the attack button 2 times a second it is allowed he just needs to have the shrooms to do so.
You could ask him nicely if he could stop or at least not as many attacks but please do it nicely as a badly worded mail can get u a temporary ban.

GeorgeKen 24th September 2013 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by Mystic Falls (Post 35729)
SpaceMopsDE Reports players lvl75 hight lvl im lvl48 report players harassment attak me Every 9 minutes help me

it is not against the game's rules

Leander 25th September 2013 02:17 PM

Multiple attacks are allowed. You can either ignore them or ask the other player to stop or attack him/her back or ask your guild to attack him/her, too. Of course only in the arena and not via angry PMs. :)

merlination 26th September 2013 05:29 AM

This is actually one of the more irritating aspects of this game. :wall: Some of us don't like it and won't play this way. Others just want to shove it down your throat. I ask Mage Corps to not use the arena but to pick from the Hall of Fame. We have had several issues over the years with some fool who just attacks again and again. Several times I have asked the player kindly to stop, most of the time it works. But then again other times it does not. In that case I suggest talking to the guild leader. If that does not work then either you have to ignore them and they will go away eventually or you find a bigger friend to help out and whack a doodle them. :D

Recently I have had to attack a guild an offender is in to get him off my back.:fight: Not the way I want to play.

Unfortunately some people never learn. :shrug: And to be honest most of them leave after awhile when they don't get the response they are looking for.:baby: Some people are just born bullies. :wacky:
merlin mage corps the only way to fly . :band:

GeorgeKen 26th September 2013 12:59 PM

the last thing this game needs is a prohibation in attacks.... I dont see what's the point of those who complain, you dont lose anything if the honor difference is high, and even if it isnt, you just lose a tiny fraction of gold. I have been through this when i was at 100 with my competitors back then, but i never complained since it's a no-harm thing. Annoying? Maybe, if you see 50 attacks in your inbox. Harmfull? Not

bobo baggins 26th September 2013 07:01 PM

heck try being on some of the servers I am on I was getting 50 an hour on one server yes it is a pain especially as a GL to stop after every quest and look at ur mail just to see 5-10 more attacks and not something important but u work thru it as it will stop at some point. unless they bot and have put ur name in there hit list but there is a pattern to those.

Laurentis 29th September 2013 12:06 AM

As higher you are in honour - as harder its to win fights. So if you want to boost all your stats to +12 you have to attack down the hall of fame list for safe wins.

And now the point: Doing that - the lower listed gamer lose nothing - realy nothing. So if realy the red letters make someone mad - then think about again: you lose NOTHING. So i realy dont understand any conversation about this.

Makes me more angry - that someone who attacks me 20 times and i win 18 daily - i lose every single day 400 honour, as my wins give me NOTHING. As i have to accept that - dont see a point to talk to someone serious complaining about reading red letters in mail account. Buy an green pencil and draw your display in green letters - for wins :p

Cregan 29th September 2013 10:56 AM

It costs them effort to keep their inbox empty.

With 50 attacks a day, serious messages can get blocked because of full inboxes.

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