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MadSoulSK 20th December 2011 09:07 PM

Guild Log
Guild GUI miss some useful information that could help guildmaster (and officers), for example searching information about day old guild combat.

This can be solved by Guild Combat Log, which would track information about guild vs guild combats. Information will contain (and not limited to): Person who started the attack, Result of the combat, honor gained, and registered players for the encounter. Also the replay combat button would be nice. :)

This would help guild masters to see overall performance and activity in guild, could be used to see combats (like the mail you get after being attacked) whem guildmasters/officers are few days out of game and can check which guilds is beatable. Also the fight replay system would allow guildmaster to see how his members perform and what are capabilities of the guild. Having a chance to rewiev lets say 10 last combats can be wonderful

I would like to see opinions and some improvements from experienced guildmasters, to make this idea perfect.

[Edit: expanded the idea]

GeorgeKen 20th December 2011 10:47 PM

it's actually a nice idea, we are already doing that manually by keeping track of our member's activity in wars / dungeons, progress in lvls etc, but considering that we do it in an excel file, the above idea would make our lives easier.

merlination 21st December 2011 03:50 PM

I too keep some records but this would make my life and the officers' lives a lot easier. Truly a great idea. I second it. :welldone: Leander any chance we could implement this? I would also like an option where I can mail officers only instead of the whole guild.

merlin .. mage corps... :band: the only way to fly

Knytul 21st December 2011 09:09 PM

what would make it even better is to have 2 additional buttons: Guild Log Dump and Guild Log Clear. Guild Log Dump available to all officers, yet Log Clear available only to guild leader. Dump would export current log into either a .doc, .docx, or .xlsx extention savable to computer.

MadSoulSK 27th December 2011 11:40 PM

Doc, docx and xlsx files would be hard to create, it would be extra hard work...i believe that txt files (format: csv, collumnar, xml or just readable text) would be alot faster to program to this game and also better because not everyone can have office, tho txt file is openable always. With the txt file, there could be a third party program to manage that info :wink: Programmers have usualy other things to do (usualy at least 10) and other games to work on so this would increase chances of implementing this feature.

About the officer mail..I was also thinking about officer chat (something like officer and guild chats on WOW) but mails are great idea.

PS: would love to know from mods/admins whats the state of this idea, if its acknowledged, accepted, trashed or still on way to higher power.

Oh and almost forgot... Thanks for replies guys!

Lobster 14th March 2012 12:15 AM

Could guilds have a second message board area for the keeping of info just for guild members or even guild offices and the leaders eyes. I ask for this for the same reason as other players in the post for a way to keep track on which players have started, won, lost and maybe been outstanding in guild wars. This would give guild officers more chance to show their skills at being an officer. :fight:

Lobster (lobby101)

jasmine07 23rd May 2012 03:39 PM

pls give me more info about it

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