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Leander 31st March 2020 02:08 PM

We are updating the game (browser, Steam)! As usual Android and iOS take a while to be approved by Google and Apple.

Here are the flavor texts of the two new dungeon keys:

Charon's Key: "Plays the key role on the path to the underworld."
Hephaestus‘ Key: "He could forge even keys."

Due to a visual bug no key has a description, both old and new ones.

elek1977 1st April 2020 01:28 PM

After the guild pet fight, the guild portal button disappeared.

QeniX 1st April 2020 03:37 PM

Difficulty jump from light dungeon to shadow dungeon is inadequate. Light world lvl 210 and 52,8 million hp; Shadow world lvl 345 and 2875,5 million hp same nonsense I saw with harry potter themed dungeon. Hp increase is way too insane this time.

Csabior 1st April 2020 04:09 PM

Yeah its definitely true. However this is the 20th dungeon, which is a nice number. I dont think super strong shadow world (heroic difficulty) enemies are a problem, but billion hp-s are kinda ridiculous yeah. This was only in Guild portals and Guild dungeons so far.
I agree the Hp numbers are too big on Harry Potter and these enemies though.
Can we ask a nerf on them? :)

Leander 1st April 2020 07:48 PM

After complaints that the Demon Hunter loses too many quest fights, we've made some tweaks already live on If everything goes well, the patch will be released worldwide tomorrow.

slasker 1st April 2020 09:19 PM

Honestly, not much of interest to me as I dont plan starting a new character... cool new dungeons graphics though.
Best part of the update for me is the raffle-animation-skip option and the arenamanager update.
I also welcome the added number of daily raffles, although I would like the cooldown time reduced from 1 hour to maybe 20 minutes or so.
I am pretty disappointed on the lack of focus on bug fixing for issues reported in this forum. In particular the problem with 3-stat rune items, but also replay of guild fights.

Gully 14th April 2020 01:03 PM

Do we know when the "stay at home" event will start again?

Or at what time of the day (since it was randomly removed around 2pm)?

Leander 14th April 2020 07:43 PM

It will be back at midnight!

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