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Leander 17th December 2018 03:52 PM

Christmas Update - Discussion Thread
Christmas Update - Official Discussion Thread!

Gully 17th December 2018 04:15 PM

Do we know what is the new cap for gem mine and gold pit?

Overall it seems a nice update', nothing special, just some hype for the Guild Pet.

Leander 17th December 2018 04:36 PM

Gem Mine: no limit
Gold Pit: 225

Leander 17th December 2018 05:07 PM

The update will contain a new guild mechanic. Guild donations will be completely removed! The achievement “Big Spender” will be changed later!

Now every guild starts with room for 50 members!
Guild fights now cost 100 gold (the player who declares the fight pays the fee) while raids now cost 10k gold (the player who starts the raid pays the fee). Same for the catapult…you load it with your own mushrooms.

Here’s how the new guild mechanic works:

Every player adds his/her personal skill points to your guild total. These points count towards one of the two upgrades (gold or XP) and can be upgraded by clicking the + icon. The maximum is 500.

(new screenshot, refresh the page so it shows 1-10)

Every player upgrades the total by clicking the + icon and spending his/her gold and mushrooms. The maximum is 500.
The skill points of all players are added, resulting in the group skill.
Divide the group skill by 5 to get the percental bonus of the instructor or treasure.
If a player leaves the guild his/her personal points are gone.

Changes to current guilds: your guild bank (gold and mushrooms) will be split into equal parts among members, rounding up!

We've added this new mechanic to deal with cheaters who create many illegal multis at server launch and donate gold to their guild. Now cheaters are either forced to leave the multis in the guild and we can find and lock them (and punish the guild) or they have to leave but lose their skill points and no longer have an advantage for cheating.

Apollo 17th December 2018 05:21 PM

Seems a nice update with a little surprise at the end (guild pets for 2019). If we get new pets (and not shadow ones), it will be a great update and I want to congratulate Playa Games for it! Also I'm really curious how the new pets mechanics will work :giggle:

Overall 2018 has been a good year, two new dungeons (there's no more room for another dungeons, so I would like to believe that the next dungeons-related update will focus on a new 'world), the new remastered version... hope to see more big updates (like guild pets) in 2019 :cute:

About the new guild mechanics, I didn't quite understand how that works - will the max upgrades still be 200%? And you say that the guild donations will be completely removed - but then you mention "by clicking the + icon and spending his/her gold and mushrooms."

By the way, when can we expect the new dungeon to be live on old servers?

EDIT: I'd like to suggest you that in upcoming festive occasions (like Christmas and SFGame birthday) where we have all events up, you would also add the black friday event into it (only black gems).

katastrofeas 17th December 2018 05:49 PM

What about the current guild bonuses? Will they be lost and we will have to upgrade them with the new skill points ?

bloodbound 17th December 2018 06:13 PM

Cost of the new bonuses
So ok, the new guild mechanic will deal with the cheaters, but besides this, it will be muuuuuuch more cost to upgrade the guild bonuses to the max.

Now, it costs 1660 mushrooms to upgrade each bonus to maximum. In the future it will be 5000 shrooms, because you have to click on it 500 times --> 500x10=5000.

Although you don't have to spend on the fortress, it will the double amount of shrooms to upgrade to max, since it was 3x1660=4980 shrooms, and in the future it will be 10000 shrooms.

Consequently, it would be expedient to reduce the cost of clicking from 10 to 5 shrooms.

EDIT: all spent mushrooms and gold (of course max 10M.) should be paid back to those who donated them.

Arturu 17th December 2018 06:27 PM

The changes to Treasury and Instructor are big and done without research.

I think this is a terrible change. In many guilds there are a lot of f2p players. I played in a couple of guilds and most shrooms for upgrades came from several members only.

Now people will be recruited based on spent shrooms.

Strider 17th December 2018 07:18 PM

How does this affect guilds who have already Maxed to 50 and completed all necessary guild raids/monsters?

Rivale 17th December 2018 07:59 PM

So I at this point (and just recently as well) donated 100$ worth of mushrooms into my own guild. I expect those will be refunded, so I can use them to upgrade my personal bonus?

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