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Leander 9th October 2019 08:11 PM

Client Update
The new iOS app version 3.042.191007 is available now!
Moreover, we also released client update v3.042.191008.3 with the following changes and fixes:

o Arena Manager: Flying Tube added to Arena Manager screen *
o Character: Adjusted display of gems to match runes
o Arena Manager: The merchant button is blue when inactive now
o Arena: Now the bottom-right medal is only displayed when switching screens is possible
o Arena: Fixed a bug triggered when you clicked the arena during city guard duty without having a complete magic mirror
o Shops: Fixed a bug that displayed white squares instead of runes
o Character, apps: Fixed the display of “Use” for items with runes

The update is already live (browser) and will be available for Steam, Android and iOS soon!

* At the moment, it only works when you directly load the Arena Manager. Entering the normal PvP arena will cause the Flying Tube to disappear from the arena and Arena Manager screens until you enter the tavern again. Will be fixed soon.

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