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Gully 22nd June 2019 02:29 PM

Dungeon screen + Gold Pit
I have 2 endgame minor suggestinos.

1) Once finished tower, demon portal and light dungeon, the default screen when clicking on dungeons should be the dark dungeon one. As it is for the pets instead of the stable when a mount is active.

2) A gold bar should be displayed on gold pit (lev 25+) instead of the time left for the next upgrade. As it is I always forget to collect my gold cuz i see "three days and 17 hours" and i dont even think about collecting gold

IceAJeges 11th July 2019 06:18 AM

1) It is minor problem, but why not!
2) It is very good idea. Or should swap between building time and production. It would be automatic. Change every 5 seconds.

Gully 11th July 2019 12:16 PM

Thanks for the feedback :rider:

bobo baggins 19th July 2019 08:13 AM

better yet for #2 gold pit and gem mine have 2 bars normal color for upgrade and gold for gold and say pink or red for gem mine,

Gully 19th July 2019 02:33 PM

Yup, nice idea

Strider 19th July 2019 03:37 PM

Also, I'd like to see an easier way to upgrade the gold pit ... right now in browser you have to click the gold pit very fast in order to bring up the screen and if you click too fast you can click right back out of it.

So, 1 click for a menu to choose to collect or upgrade would be sufficient for me.

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