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Black Panther 11th July 2020 02:51 AM

I played over 10 years ago

I played the web based game for a few years, but i probably last played 10 years ago. I had at least 3 characters, any chance they are still around?

mar21 11th July 2020 10:01 AM

A chance? Sure :D Just send a support ticket with everything you know.

Tho if they were lower levels then you probably should just start new character. It's easier and much much faster nowadays, especially if you start on old s1de/w1.

Gully 11th July 2020 11:41 AM

If you remember the email or if you have some receipt of when you bought some mushrooms it's a piece of cake for the support to help you get them back :rider:

Leander 13th July 2020 08:10 PM

Please send a support ticket:

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