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Leander 13th February 2014 02:59 PM

Windows Phone app bugs
There are some problems with guild functions at the moment. Creating or joining a guild does not work.

The bug will be fixed as soon as possible.

SárgaBögre 10th August 2015 05:39 PM

Windows Phone and the Shakes and Fidget

- There's no 2.0
This is maybe the smallest problem. Still! The so called Fortress is expected, right. As known at the moment, will it be? Because until I haven't logged in to my mates PC, I didn't even know about it, because there's nothing written about it in the game (unlike in android).

- I can't invite people to the guild.

- English and Hungarian language is alternating.

- The Hall of Fame is jumping all around (I do a search to someone then it drops me 300-400 persons away, but there has been magnitude of thousand already). Sometimes ranks are cut from the list ( after 7250 comes 7834). Sometime I'm just scrolling down, then it drops me back.

- The letters can be read, only if there's one and no other. Because it lets you to read only the one on the top, to read the others I have to delete the upper ones. So if I have got eight letters, after I go trough all all of them I will have only one of them.

- This is rather a bug, it's not that annoying but I write it down: I check someones' character or I'm in the arena, when I get back to my own career then his/her picture will be there.

- Can't buy beer.

- Can't send a circular.

- It doesn't show the witch coil in the equipment.

:( :( ;(

bwana 11th August 2015 07:07 PM update for windows phone in ages!!!

Leander 11th August 2015 07:29 PM

Windows Phone app will be ported to iOS and Android soon so the Windows Phone app will not be fixed now (it wouldn't make sense because of the upcoming port).

Leander 12th August 2015 03:15 PM

Quote: "as our new app uses Adobe Air (which is not supported by Windows Phone) we cannot provide a Windows Phone app update at the moment. We contacted Adobe some months ago and they will hopefully add Windows Phone support in the future but we cannot do anything at the moment."

We did some research and found out that other developers also think that this combination is not a good solution (after all, Google and Apple do support Adobe Air). We even found a petition to add Windows Phone support. In addition, German head CoMa KO771 talked to Jan (CEO and founder of Playa Games) and suggested a small new app that supports the tavern/quests, city guard, dungeons, stable and guild for example...some kind of “app lite” so to speak. Why this direction? As the coding of apps is costly, takes time and our Windows Phone app has only about 5000-6000 users worldwide we have to come to a comprise between customer service and costs and will have to find the best solution possible.

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