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Bqczek 13th October 2015 09:21 PM

Another useless idea
Fortress is mostly separated from "core" of the game. Why not make some more connections. We have scrapbook, smithy and mage tower. Add some very creative (read unreasonable) thinking and we have another useless feature.

Give blacksmith photo from scrapbook, some materials and gold, and he can change appearance of equipment.

Mage tower do the same with accessories.

Normal items -> normal items

Arts-> normal items and arts.

Don't know about changing look for something from other class, probably little tricky to make, but it could be funny.

Many items are available from different levels and the same could be done with customization, higher building level, more looks available.

Now few options to make it more difficult.

1 - Changing look will take time and will count as construction.
2 - Item need to be unequipped for customization time.
3 - This one I'll leave to your imagination
4 - Customization can fail - random look
5 - .... nah cant think of anything else.

THE END..... or not

Lissy 14th October 2015 11:16 PM

Needs a bit more thought, but I like it.



slasker 15th October 2015 08:04 AM

I agree. We need something more to use our wood and stones for... Takes too long to build constructions; so the stocks gets full during that period of time.

Valkyra 3rd November 2015 05:48 AM

TIP: Before upgrading a building that takes more than few days upgrade the Smithy and leave one or two improvements not upgraded. This way you can spent wisely the stocked wood and stone! :rider:

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