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Leander 9th May 2019 02:20 PM

Upcoming Patch
Hello heroes! Here's the list of fixes and changes of our latest patch. The Steam version (Remastered) is already. The browser and app versions will be updated later.

+ Tavern: fixed a gambler bug that only let you bet up to 10 mushrooms
+ Character screen: fixed the displayed gem bonus of Assassin weapons
+ Guild fights: fixed a bug with the "skip" button & added list of members
+ Guild chat: coat of arms suggestions are now underlined to stress that they can be clicked
+ Guild portal: fixed a flashing guild portal bug although an attack wasn't possible anymore
+ Guild's mushroom catapult: number of loaded giant mushrooms now correctly increases when clicking the button
+ Guild fights: guilds that cannot be attacked are greyed out now when choosing target
+ Stable: clicking the stable now displays the pet screen first if already unlocked
+ Controls: added Q key to toggle account management
+ Window mode: added timer to taskbar icon
+ Fortress: fixed a bug that prevented players from attacking fortresses
+ Fortress: fixed building information
+ Fortress: fixed a bug when mining a gem while upgrading a level 25+ mine
+ Fortress: added confirmation window before spending mushrooms on instabuilding a building
+ Underworld: added confirmation window before spending mushrooms on instabuilding a building
+ Underworld: fixed a "lure hero" on server on which the top played deleted himself
+ Main UI: reworked "compare items" functions, numbers now fit the screen
+ Account management: improved the setting of email addresses for accounts not created in browser

+ Portrait mode: several screens and positions of values adjusted
+ default game language now matches device language
+ Fortress: added counter attack button
+ reworked Push notifications
+ lots of other improvements

Leander 9th May 2019 07:32 PM

+ Tavern: can be navigated with arrow keys again
+ Account management: "repeat for all" function added when importing characters
+ Account logs out now when deleting registration data
+ Item comparison: added button if only one option available
+ Server selection: improved screen
+ Items: sales values now displayed in one line
+ fixed a bug with decreasing brightness when clicking a link several times
+ Items: fixed a rare bug with invisible gem sockets
+ "still travelling" message no longer disappears under certain circumstances
+ Fortress: fixed a bug that did not display remaining soldiers in a fortress attack
+ Guild: fixed date and time of guild attacks; also added placeholders to guild defenses
+ Guild: fixed "next attack possible" display

+ Inventory: fixed a visibility bug
+ Witch: added arrows to scroll the displayed spells
+ Wheel of fortune: fixed an animation bug when using the touch screen
+ Wheel of fortune: fixed a sound bug when using the touch screen
+ Improved tooltips so they are no longer covered by index finger
+ Portrait mode: equip buttons always visible now
+ Portrait mode: added left and right labels to Assassin weapons
+ Portrait mode: you can close a context menu by clicking an empty space now
+ Portrait mode: trying to equip an item not for your class displays the correct companion now
+ Portrait mode: added "compare item" function
+ Portrait mode: added mouse over field of active item when viewing an item in the shops
+ Portrait mode: inserting a gem now displays your character now instead of the first companion
+ Portrait mode: adding swipe function to quest selection screen
+ Portrait mode: reworked city guard screen
+ Portrait mode: added "delete inbox" function
+ Landscape mode: display no longer changed when deleting messages
+ Landscape mode: fixed a bug with fight screen buttons although no fight was available
+ Landscape mode: fixed a "remove friend" bug
+ Push notifications: Push notifications for stone, wood and souls temporarily disabled due to a bug
+ Push notifications: notification for soldiers only sent now if all of them have finished training
+ Android app: added more payment options (only Google Wallet was displayed)

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