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Villow von Vald 28th April 2018 07:16 PM

Just when is daychange ?
Universal Time Coordinates (UTC) are best, but your local time will do as long as you specify where your 'local' is ;)

And what are the rules governing regenerating of energy and the roulette spin.

Sometimes I get a refresh every day, other times I have had to wait a lot longer (the max was 3 whole days).


K0rkki 29th April 2018 01:22 PM

It depends on your server time. The reset happens at midnight. You can get the server time by typing "/time" in the chat.

Another way to keep track of the server time is to pay attention to your shop day/night theme cycle. If I recall correctly the thirst reset happens six hours after the shopkeepers change to night theme. This is more usefull later when capturing pets.

kečup 29th April 2018 06:33 PM

/time doesn't work
night theme is from 18 to 6

Leander 30th April 2018 08:30 PM

/time only displays your local time.

K0rkki 1st May 2018 03:19 PM

Oh right right. Lets see. If you type a normal chat message the time stamp uses server time. Whispers use local time on the other hand...

All times are GMT +1. The time now is 03:34 AM.

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