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Lord DarkRevenge 4th May 2019 05:09 PM

Always the same question:
I think i'm not the only one who thinks Shakes and Fidget is slowly dying, and I know i'm not the first user who says this.
It may will seem boring or stubborn, but I've been playing the game for about three years and my server is quite dead, so the question is:
Do the devs have something in mind, or will they leave us in the edge of loneliness filled with death servers and zombie players?:(

ECAsh 5th May 2019 09:51 AM

Come to S1
First server, I can show that over 90% on the list arnt playing..
Over 300,000 players listed, and Top 30,000 Starts level 19...
Been trying to get 1-2 things adjusted, but no comment.
Persons that In Guild combat are 1/10th health.. If you fight directly, are Full health..
The Rides they get, are only sued up IF you are playing, so a person that Spent a few coin to get a Animal to ride, CAN still have one even after years of not playing..
When they added the Collection book it was mentioned those higher level person would probably Get them while fighting anyway, but at 60% I think I need to goto the 1st levels to find them.. Sit there and BEAT on Newbs..
All the upper teams have Dead players..and you cant tell when you attack How many will join in battle or those that are 10%...but even a level 400 at 10% can 1 hit most people..
Then we have a Hydra?? guild pet thing...and it works best with 25 players in your guild.. I dont think there is more then 1% that have 25 active players..
ANd averaging with Lots of players ranging from 5-400 REALLY messes up the Average.

ECAsh 5th May 2019 09:54 AM

also with only Full 2 active players..getting thru the guild Dungeons is abit of a pain.. about to finish the 2nd act.. for a guild thats rank 27..we were 22.

Lord DarkRevenge 5th May 2019 12:27 PM

I think we all should try to persuade the devs that this is a very serious problem of the game.
We ALL should report this thing to them, sending email, reports and ratings on play store.
This is probably the only way to get noticed by them and to make them notice the problem.

Apollo 5th May 2019 01:46 PM

Games like SFGame (the more you play, the more 'slow' the game gets) tends to go exactly like this: after a while, players start quitting because they're tired of this. That's all

Pomurnik 5th May 2019 02:45 PM

If they "cant" merge servers then at least let us "move" character and whole guild to other server. Looking for active players which could join to guild is pain in 3 letters.

Lord DarkRevenge 5th May 2019 03:52 PM

Apollo, that's not all: there should be a will of the devs to fix that by merging or letting players move to other servers like Pomurnik said, or even sending email to the ones who allowed that to ask if they still are active, and if they are (sadly) not delete their account.

Apollo 5th May 2019 05:27 PM

They came up with that idea in 2017 but it never happened.

ECAsh 5th May 2019 08:54 PM

For those that dont know..
there is a law in Germany, about PAID accounts..
If someone has invested money into a game, the Character can not be removed.
I dont know how far reaching that is, in If it includes Full free play and Earning rewards or just monetary accounts.
(this is the last thing Iv read, awhile back)
It was based on a person who spent allot of money in a game, Quit for a time and came back to find his account gone.

I would just like an indication that a person hasnt played in over a certain amount of period. And maybe that if not played the Character seems to loose strength, so that those level 400 players that Quit can be beaten into the ground..
Yes people have lives, and things happen, and people forget.. but after 1 month the Character should degrade.. Keep the levels Just weaken them so the others can Continue to dominate, AS they are the PLAYERS..
It would be easy for them to Climb back up and be the top when they come back(they can go up by 20-50 Per attack they do in a day.. at 30,000 that will take them less then a month Unless they are willing to spend alittle money and push hard..

ECAsh 5th May 2019 09:01 PM

1 other strange in game,
Is the Toilet..
My character is an Archer, and I use DEX..
But throwing things into the Toilet to change it Also installs DEX.
Why would i want DEX on a changed item?
I can use it and 1 of my henchmen can use the same item, its the other 2, I need to outfit. would be nice to Adjust that, because I keep getting combinations of Dex/int and Dex/strength that really just end up in the trash/toilet/Cauldron/broken down.. it might be alittle complicated to do, so I can deal with throwing over 90% away..

Dont keep adding things, it would be nice to adjust a few things if you can..

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