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NthraX 21st December 2019 10:08 PM

Hall of fame suggestion old servers
Hello, this is a small suggestion for the old server players.
I myself am in the new W35 so no problem finding active players, but for my S8 (fr) char I would love to see in the hall of fame, a little green icon somewhere for active players, after 14 days of inactivity the icon turns red.

So we could have an idea of wich player is still playing, even if they aren't in your clan. I think it could help for the remaining clans to recruite, to have a better view of how much people are on the server, there could even be a "new" ladder were inactiv players wouldn't be counted, It could make old server more enjoyable for everyone.

Let me all know what you think about it, personally i don't understand why this feature isn't already included, so thumbs uppp.
Peace, NthraX :shroom:

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