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FaeLRoX 3rd February 2017 04:37 PM

Looking for an International Guild
Hello everybody , my nickname is FaeLRoX and I am currently playing as mage.
I am looking for an international guild to make some friends and have some fun together ,I am from Brazil and I am planning to play as a free player but very active ( Hardcore )
I am using a 50% mount and will do 100 thirsty everyday .

So if you have a guild please invite me
Hope to see y'all there , good luck and have fun.

Piko 3rd February 2017 07:34 PM

Looks like nobody want's non-pay-players :/. As one of a kind i give you the advice not to join any 3rd class guild as you get unatractive to other guils who are looking for active players... when they see that you have a guild already they won't invite you... i will play some days without a guild if i don't find a good one and after a couple of days there should be some guilds who are interested in you.. so long best wishes for you.. maybe the both of us will fight on the same front someday :rider:

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