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Marius19 26th July 2018 07:43 AM

New world on Romanian server?
I noticed that Romania is one of the few countires that has only one server,even if there are a lot of Romanian players..
The first Romanian server is a little old (at least 7 years old ) and many players have left,so the rankings are full of inactive people.
Would you like to enter a new Romanian server in the next update,by which players still playing on the first server to start a new adventure?!

That would be very cool! ;) Have a nice day !

Leander 3rd August 2018 09:42 PM

Only if there is a high demand. We focus on international worlds at the moment.

Shnitel 4th August 2018 06:46 PM

No way another romanian server when the first one is low populated ! For this we need some adds to promote the game in our country :)

KimSuro 14th August 2018 10:29 PM

I've been waiting for a new Romanian server for like 5 years. It's not fair that some of us have just one server only for us. International servers are full of czech, polish, russian, and german people that speak only their language and it's very hard to get along with them.

Apollo 14th August 2018 10:40 PM

If the only Romanian server is already inactive, why would Playa make another server? Is just not worth for them.

KimSuro 14th August 2018 11:24 PM

@Apollo Yea, but think about it.. there are lots of new players who want to play this game on their world, but they can't.. because that world is abandoned. Most players want to be one of the best and new worlds are their chance to do that.

Shnitel 15th August 2018 09:21 PM

Dude, if you didn't noticed my signature, im the one who still keeps the server alive, im gathering all the active players around the server and help them with advices, even if they are not in my guild, the server is not dead, there are still a lot of players on it, not that many, but they are, so another world for Romania is out of question :)

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