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Troella 26th November 2018 01:16 AM

Battle Mage Epics??
Im sure this has been brought up. I looked and could not find the questions however, So I apologize if its already been talked about...

This weekend in getting epics for Battlemages - the primary stat bonus's are for INT, Con, Luck when it should be STR, Con, Luck?

It is frustrating - What is the deal with that?
They have already been through the toilet, so I cant dump them hoping to change stats. My companion Mage is very Happy but my main Toon is not.


Gully 26th November 2018 10:01 AM

Shadow dungeons mainly drop epics for your companion, nothing strange

Leander 26th November 2018 02:03 PM

What dungeons did you enter?

Troella 30th November 2018 10:56 PM

That leads me to ask....
What dungeons do you suggest I focus on to find the best items for battle mage. The previous answer was perhaps on point. I was tearing up both of the twister dungeons that weekend.

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