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Bello 9th May 2010 10:20 PM

Thirst for Adventure
How do you get more thirst for more adventure without giving the bartender 1 mushroom? Is it every 24 hours you get full vitality back or do you constantly have to give the bartender a mushroom?

Arwen 10th May 2010 10:38 AM

you get every 24 hours 100 minutes thirst of adventure.
The change will be on 0:00 hours chat time. So the chat time is not correct, but it is the time the changes will be made.
You also get new stuff in the weapon and magic shop.
You can make more than 100 thirst of adventure, when you give the bartender a mushroom. For one shroom you get 20 minutes. You can have ten beers, so cou can 200 minutes thirst more, if you like.

Leander 10th May 2010 03:16 PM

Thanks, Arwen, for pointing this out.

In short:

o Basic Thirst for Adventure per day: 100
o Additional Thirst for Adventure per day: up to 200 by drinking up to 10 beers (1 beer = 1 mushroom)
o Maximum Thirst for Adventure per day: 300

A good mount (-30% or -50%) is highly recommended as the duration of quests is reduced. You can make twice as many quests with a Royal Griffin (-50%) as without a mount.

Jinze 7th July 2010 11:57 AM

Just so I get this straight because I'm getting confused reading things everywhere.

Does a mount:

a. Reduce the amount of thirst for adventure.
Example: No mount: 5 Thirst required - 50% mount: 2.5 Thirst required

b. Reduce the time it takes to complete an adventure.
Example: No mount: 5 minutes to complete - 50% mount: 2.5 minutes to complete

Leander 7th July 2010 01:15 PM

a) and b) are the same. Basically, you have 100 Thirst. A quest takes 20 minutes to complete...and 20 Thirst is subtracted. 100-20 = 80 Thirst remains after the quest.

If you have a 50% mount, the quest takes 10 minutes to complete with 10 Thirst being subtracted. 100-10 = 90 Thirst remains.

Jinze 7th July 2010 02:21 PM

Aah, thank you very much! ^^

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