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Maharg 4th August 2013 10:01 PM

Attacking higher guilds
I understand why the rule about only being able to attack guilds with less than 3,000 more honour was introduced.

But on UK S2 there are gaps of more than 3,000 between rank 1 and 2 and between rank 2 and 3. Already rank 2 was unable to attack rank 1 when rank 1 lent out several high level players. Rank 1 recently failed on an attack on rank 2 and is now attacking others so it will always stay more than 3,000 ahead.

In these situations the rule seems ridiculous. Can this be modified to allow attacks on the next higher ranking guild even if more than 3,000 honour away please?


Leander 6th August 2013 11:48 AM

After an update guilds can attack lower-ranked guilds again, even if the honour difference is higher than 3000 (it wasn't possible before) AND you are able to attack higher guilds anyway.

bobo baggins 6th August 2013 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by Leander (Post 35498)
After an update guilds can attack lower-ranked guilds again, even if the honour difference is higher than 3000 (it wasn't possible before) AND you are able to attack higher guilds anyway.

Has this changed then because what he is saying is that #1 guild is over 3000 point higher then #2 guild and going by that post #2 can't attack #1.

Laurentis 4th March 2014 10:39 PM

No answer on this from dev's/moderator?
Can't believe sooo much time is gone - without any further information on this very important question.

We have an very active guild - on an not realy activ server. We started faaar away from rank 1 and worked hard with the goal once to earn rank 1. Sounds fair - in an game to achieve that.

But if you confirm the rule stands and will not be changed, i can live with that. So just be honest.

Let me/us know: The rule right now dont allow in any future any other guild on this server to climb on rank 1. You think this is fair and will not be changed?

I will just know if i should in future keep my time and money for some other stuff. Please understand thats not smart to spend time and money/shrooms on such an silly rule that protect and cover rank 1 forever. How an guild who starts these days with active member should be motivated to play the game when you tell them: Sorry - but you will never be allowed to achieve rank 1?

Fair question - fair answer please :)

GeorgeKen 5th March 2014 12:04 AM

Mate, if you want my opinion. Even if they allow lower guilds to attack no.1 (and let's suppose that the lower guild can beat the no.1 guild), then the no.1 guild will find an ally to defend for them (the lower ally will constantly attack no.1 in order for the rest to not be able to attack). This is what happened in the past, this is what will happen again, rest assured (and I talk as a no.1 guild leader). As soon as they allow attacks on higher guilds, i got 2 friendly guilds waiting to help us.

What you are looking for is an overhaul in the pvp system of the game in general if you ask me, so if you really want to see things change, come up with your idea and suggest it in the appropriate section of the forum. If it is good suggestion, it will reach the developers' ears

Laurentis 5th March 2014 10:13 PM

Dont kill the game

All i am asking for is:

If something is wrong, feels wrong and all confirm its just silly - change it for the better of the game. If a new / different way of PvP is the result - like you mentioned - bring it. I am just an gamer and i can imagine a lot of stuff but only devs can do it. But even with or without my smart/crap ideas we need an solution. This is nothing what can stay just like we find it right now.

We need more activity. You need an event. An event with an world raid - if you ask me. Bring the gamer from all guilds into the fight against something special. An special what bring S&F into age 2.0

But thats another story - we can talk about that seperate.

I just cant support an game with such an unfairness with the most important thing an game need to keep it alive: money

We started from zero - won our own guild raids without to borrow other guild member. All for the final go: With good activity and game play once to take rank 1 over. Sounds fair in my opinion and you can imagine how it feels now to realize a dream is over.

Maharg 7th March 2014 10:13 PM

I do not understand your comment Baldur. All I asked in my original post was that a guild can attack the next highest rank, regardless of honour difference. That way your point about using low ranking guilds to defend high ranking ones cannot apply. As I understand it that is exactly why the 3,000 rule was introduced in the first place. All I want is a modification to that rule.:fight:

bobo baggins 7th March 2014 10:45 PM

imo it needs to b if over 3000 difference either way u cant attack

GeorgeKen 7th March 2014 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by bobo baggins (Post 37119)
imo it needs to b if over 3000 difference either way u cant attack

thats a guild-killer, when this rule was still live, i lost half of my guild in a few months, people got bored and started quitting... They realised a decline in the activity of the top guilds in general, thus they changed it.

Laurentis 8th March 2014 02:29 AM

Anyone from the dev team who is able to give an clear answer on this?

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