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katastrofeas 7th June 2018 12:41 PM

More Free Dungeon Chances Needed
Hello everyone, I will get straight to the point so as to make it as clear as possible. Back in 2012 the only dungeons that existed were the normal ones and we had a chance every one hour to fight there for free. However, there have been updates such as The Tower, Pets, Shadow world, Twister that have dramatically increased the dungeon enemies but our free fights have remained the same. My suggestion is that we must have our free fights increased because it is hard to have to fight in four different spots with only one chance per hour.

Tilithia 7th June 2018 06:27 PM

Maybe when dungeons were released it made sense,but sooner or later you get stuck with them all and pick which one you want to try beat next. Not sure we really need that.

beroun 9th June 2018 11:40 PM

I would maybe make it, so that each hour we can fight on all of them. That way the "time limit" would remain the same, so that we avoid no-lifers (cough bots cough) getting an edge, but at the same time making it more interesting for lower levels and maybe even at higher (as a level 410 I really don't care, but the suggestion as a whole is pretty good)

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