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LucaBlack 26th October 2017 11:47 PM

[Data Collection] Underworld Data
Hi everyone,
I'm posting here a very simple idea to understand better how works maths behind Underworld and so how to use the best of it: collect data!

In order to do this, I ask the community to help me collect values of everything we can get and do about this new update.

This is a repost from the FR forum, translated by myself:

Note: The Souls capacity depends on more than one factor, to be sinpliest I will ignore it.

This data will be extremely useful, the most of the units upgrades part. After thinking about what we should study further about the Underworld I have found 3 ideas:
-Profitability of upgrading units, caus it cost souls to get souls, and if you pay more than you earn that's pointless...
-Gold earning depending on your level and the level or your gold mine, it's the same idea as "XP Evolution" using academy.
-Bonuses from Room for Gladiator Trainer depending on it's level and you character's level. I'm not sure about this one, still an idea.
I don't promise at all I will run these studies, but if one day I want to... I will need the basic data that we will collect here!

Last Update: 21/Nov./17 03:55 PM [V.2.2.3]

-> Update V.2.2.3 are live on both forums!
-> No more projects currently.

-V.1 : Basic Version
-V.2.0 : Complete changes about buildings Goblin / Troll / Keeper and Units Goblins / Trolls / Keeper | Adding "Unit Upgrades"
-V.2.0.1 : Adding "NEWS" and "CHANGELOG"
-V.2.1 : More infos about "Attack Booty"
-V.2.2.1 : More infos about "Goblins Units"
-V.2.2.2 : More infos about "Trolls Units"
-V.2.2.3 : More infos about "Keeper Unit"


Missing Data:

Construction Duration:

Heart of Darkness:

Underworld Gate:

Soul Extractor:

Torture Chamber:

Gladiator Trainer:

Gold Pit:

Time Machine:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Goblin Pit:

Troll Block:


Unit Upgrades:

RECAP: Unit costs will be send in an additive view. The calculated cost for a building and unit upgrades will be the sum of this upgrade building and unit costs AND the costs of every previous upgrades.
Example: Building Level 3 / Upgrade level 2 = Building 1 + Building 2 + Building 3 + Upgrade 1 + Upgrade 2.
So this way you will see different cost values for same level and stats of some units: it is NORMAL!
Example: Keeper Level 20 will have different costs depending on you obtained it with: Building 2 | Upgrade 5 OR Building 3 | Upgrade 0
So take your time reading the values, all of this calculations are made for the pure purpose of helping investment optimization :)

Goblin Units:

Troll Unit:

Keeper Unit:

Attack Booty:

Don't hesitate to leave a "Thanks" if you like my work, it's motivating!

sharshooter 27th October 2017 09:01 AM

Same time like in fortress (without headquarters).

LucaBlack 27th October 2017 11:16 AM

Not really, the combat ssytem are completely different. We have 10 buildings, 3 used to help your character in someway, and 6 for the fights and the soul collection and the core.

Stop say this update are a recycling from the fortress, it's not at all. The only similar idea is the bulding management... It's as pointless as saying all management games are the same.

Gashop 27th October 2017 12:10 PM

Player Level 9: 415.83 souls. I just killed it 416 souls
Player Level 10: 432 souls.
Player Level 11: 448 souls.

Gashop 27th October 2017 12:41 PM

heart of darkness:
5k gold
11k souls
building time: 5 hours.

2k gold
46 souls
building time: 31 minutes
income building level 1: 384.11 gold per hour. max gold:1368.

3k gold
124 souls
building time: 1hour 6 minutes
income building level 2: 1368,22 gold per hour. max gold:5472.

the next ones will take a while, it will be my Soul Extractor.

LucaBlack 27th October 2017 02:01 PM

No need to send the gold income data, it depends too on your level so it will be different for almost everyone. We will need a full study about to really care, to be launched later... Maybe ^^

Sersemina 28th October 2017 11:28 AM

I see you are missing data for low level players and I had to face them quite a few times, so here it is:

Player Level 1 - 290 souls
Player Level 2 - 306 souls
Player Level 3 - 322 souls

Gashop 28th October 2017 11:37 AM

Player Level 12: 463 souls.
Player Level 13: 479 souls.
Player Level 14: 495 souls.
Player Level 15: 510 souls.
Player Level 16: 526 souls.

LucaBlack 28th October 2017 12:54 PM

Updated, thanks all keep going :)

LucaBlack 29th October 2017 10:57 AM

Updated. I comes to open the data for time machine, keeper and keeper unit!

Don't hesitate to leave a "Thanks" if you like my work, it's motivating!

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