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Leander 20th June 2017 06:23 PM

Birthday Event, Speed Server & Win a 25,000 Statue Made of Gold!
Hello heroes!

This week, we celebrate our BIRTHDAY EVENT as Shakes & Fidget turns 8! Thank you for playing! :)

We want to celebrate this significant occasion with you: on Friday at 4 p.m. (CEST), a SPEED SERVER opens its gates for the first time! Everything will be...sped up there.

You'll earn six times as much gold and experience and everything else will happen twice as fast too! On July 21 2017, the event will be over and the server will be closed! Players and guilds in the top 30 ranks of the Hall of Fame will be immortalized on the official Shakes & Fidget website:
Guild section

On top of that, from June 23 to June 25 EVERY EVENT will be active at the same time: more experience points, more gold, more forest rarities, more epic items and 20% more mushrooms from the Mushroom Dealer!

Last but not least, we will be giving away a unique MUSHROOOM STATUE designed by S&F artwork creator Marvin Clifford. It is made of real gold and worth more than 25,000 euros! Plus, you can win 25,000 mushrooms for Shakes & Fidget. You will receive emails and in-game messages with more information soon!

Hashtag: #TheGoldenMushroom

Finally, make sure to collect the BIRTHDAY PET on Saturday and Sunday!

Leander 22nd June 2017 10:05 PM

Important: the speed server will only have the +20% more mushrooms sale and an epic event (level 50+*) but not all events at once as it has shorter countdowns and more gold and XP anyway.

* yes, it is a fresh start but level 50+ is realistic due to the 6 times XP bonus

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