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Leander 30th September 2012 01:43 PM

I can't remember the solution. Everything is in the could be either a bug or you forgot something. It's important to talk to different people even if you already have an item you need for example. Go to the rat and talk to him...go to the guard and talk to him. Go to all NPCs in the to the merchant.

Doombringer 30th September 2012 01:49 PM

Yeah, forgot to try to write my name in the Book of Dead! :wall: Everything's OK now. Thanks anyway!

Leander 1st October 2012 07:04 PM

Ah, ok. :)

Leander 16th January 2013 07:06 PM

Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim. :) :beer: Sometimes this game is just crazy...I was in the middle of nowhere, could barely see because of heavy snowfall...just to meet a bard who sang a tune for 25 gold...then he slowly disappeared in the snow...I followed him and found him playing his flute alone in the snow. LOL

Leander 5th February 2013 09:04 PM
To dungeons deep and caverns old...

Leander 14th February 2013 11:22 PM

Funny and well-made Let's play... of Skyrim from the very beginning.

The Balrog 2nd February 2014 11:27 PM

Anyone knows where can I get Elder Scrolls Arena & Daggerfall (1 & 2)??
I want to finish playing all the elder scrolls games :p

Peyia 3rd February 2014 07:16 AM

I think you can download the elder scrolls arena for free somewhere on the internet. You need a fast computer of course. Just search it up :P

Peyia 3rd February 2014 07:22 AM

I think this is it:

Peyia 3rd February 2014 05:35 PM

Leander, do you play Skyrim on xbox?

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