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Leander 29th October 2019 03:06 PM

Halloween & Patch v3.042.191025.3

Trick or treat! To celebrate this spooky event, there will be a MUSHROOM SALE with +20% more mushrooms only this Thursday!

Moreover, you can find the rare HALLOWEEN PET Pharamumm if you meet the requirements, too.

We have also updated the game to v3.042.191025.3 (client) and v1692 (server).

New features:

General: New ambient sounds
Guild: You see in guild chat now if a player left the guild on his/her own or was removed
Mail: Date added to mails from Playa
Scrapbook, apps: New scrapbook button added to character
Witch: Now you can enchant your companions' items by using the arrows to display your companions while viewing the witch
Pets: New feeding sounds for common, rare and epic pets


Flying tube, apps: Fixed a bug with the tube
Guild: Now the guild button flashes again if there are guild pet fights left (but only if the pet is level 200+).
Fortress: Reworked button order of gem mine
Fortress, underworld: All counters are permanently increased now instead of per second
Options: removed Flash button
Options: improved avatar in SD version of login screen

Fixed bugs:

Apps: Fixed a bug when equipping rune items and using the "compare items" function
Character: Battle Mage items no longer change the main attribute from strength to intelligence when viewing the mage companion
Scrapbook: Continuous Loop of Idols stickers added immediately now instead of refreshing the game
Scrapbook: Fixed the achievement "Witchcraft"
Tavern: Fixed a bug when quickly playing quests via the enter key
Arena: The Flying Tube no longer disappears when clicking the medal
Blacksmith: Epics with 3 bonuses no longer cost as many resources as epics with 5 bonuses
Witch: Fixed a bug with warrior shields and the text they aren't desired although the witch accepted them
Guild: Fixed an occasional bug with gray member names
Guild: Changing the coat of arms no longer deletes the public part of the guild description
Fortress: Fixed a unit counter bug
Underworld: The highest player on a server no longer gets himself/herself as a target when using the "Lure hero" function. Now the hall of fame is displayed instead.

The new Android version is already online while the iOS version will be available shortly.

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